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Libidinous dysfunction is also characterized by means of certain temperament and behavioral changes. It: An emphasized covet to function like other men; The aspect of detachment and coldness; Evolution of egocentrism and self-assurance; Extensive reclamation after laying open to force factors; Accumulation of numerous phobias; The rise of thirst, obsessive-compulsive upset; Possible signs of uncommon behavior.

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A come to see to a doctor is recommended if any signs are present. Seeing that an nice diagnosis, the following tests may be required: Clinical assay of blood and urine; Additional plasma studies; Semen examination; Kidney and liver tests; Diagnostics of the functioning of the thyroid gland; Ultrasound diagnostics.

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Currently, drug offers assorted methods by which inadequacy is treated. This is the response of pharmaceutical and herbal preparations, physiotherapy procedures. Variant medication can also be used. In the course of therapy, it is of the essence to alter the lifestyle and continuously menu. Existing remedies to save powerlessness, essential of all, are classified according to the method of application. Medicines in behalf of introduction into the urethral canal; Solutions for introduction into the corpus cavernosum of the penis; Capsules and tablets for said charge; According to the way of act, powders, liquids and pills after helplessness are classified into: Particular PDE5 inhibitors; NO synthase activators; Prostaglandin analogs; Hormonal drugs.